Best Projects for New Homeowners

So you bought a new house, and the number of projects which need to get done are much bigger than your bank account. Well, fret not, There are many easy DIY beginner projects for new homeowners which will greatly enhance the look and feel of your home both inside and outside, and can be easily completed by a beginner in a weekend or two. All you actually need are the appropriate tools to get you started on that 1st DIY project. With the right supplies and enough space, you can easily itch your creative bug, and express yourself. Lets now take a look at the top 5 beginner weekend DIY projects for new homeowners;

1. Landscaping
DIY landscaping projects can range from building patios to creating water features. Making DIY landscaping projects for a much more inviting outdoor space can be lots of fun for a new homeowner. Whether youre brand new to landscaping and gardening, or youve lots of experience at it, you are well aware that gardening and landscaping can be a very rewarding way of spending more time outdoors, especially on weekends. Although gardening is lots of fun, it can also tend to be quite challenging. It is a subtle art and science because many plants do require delicate and balanced conditions in order to thrive. Here is one great gardening DIY project which you can do over the weekend;

-Make a drip feeder from an old soda bottle. You can make drip feeders using the old soda bottles. Simply puncture a few holes in the soda bottles (a barbeque skewer will work great), and then plant the bottles next to your young plants. The bottles will enable a smooth, slow release of the water near the plants roots. This method will prevent fungus and also reduce problems with the leaves.

2. Power/Pressure Wash
Different pressure washers usually have different cleaning abilities. Before you start on your power washing DIY project, make sure you have keenly read the documentation which came with the pressure washer before you begin any cleaning task, and confirm that the model is appropriate for that particular job. Make sure you learn exactly how to set up the machine, and how to properly select the right spray pattern; the settings usually vary by whether you are applying detergents or performing high pressure cleaning, and by the kind of surface you are cleaning. In addition to preparing your pressure washer, make sure you get the working area ready. Remove any obstacles which could make you trip and fall, or obstacles which may snag the hoses. Also turn off the power to the external electrical outlets, and tape down some plastic to properly cover them. Trim the back plants which touch your homes exterior, and close all the nearby doors and windows.

Test your high pressure spray on an inconspicuous area before you start cleaning, so as to make sure that the settings dont damage your homes exterior surface. When it comes to cleaning grime and tough stains which build up on the homes exterior, you may need to use a detergent; use only a detergent which is intended for power/pressure washers and use a low pressure spray pattern when applying the detergents. Also avoid streaking on the vertical surfaces by applying your detergent from bottom up.

3. Gutter Cleaning
You can also clean your gutters over the weekend. Set the pressure washer for high pressure spray patterns. Rinse all the surfaces using clean water in order to reduce the streaks and spots caused by water, grime and detergent splashing from the other areas of your house. You can even power wash your roof like roofing contractors does if it needs it.

4. Staining
You will save lots of money by staining the unfinished furniture. There are lots of products you will need to use, including oil based and water based stains and even wood conditioners; this can tend to be confusing to a beginner . Fortunately, i have compiled some tips to help you avoid some of the common staining difficulties;

*When working with stains, always protect your skin and eyes by wearing disposable rubber gloves and safety glasses; Remember, anything which can permanently stain the wood, will also stain your fingers.
*Wear old clothes when working, since some of the stain might spill.
*Always test the stain on an extra piece of scrap wood, before you start on the furniture.
*So that the stain does not leave blotches on your wood, always apply thin coat of the wood conditioner 1st, using a brush. Give the wood conditioner about 10-15 minutes to dry, before you apply the stain.

5. Make Molded Concrete Planters
This is a really cool and creative DIY project where you can easily hire  concrete contractors Baltimore to build a patio and  planters right from scratch, by using the plastic containers as molds; the finished results will look absolutely awesome.

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DIY Home Improvements

DIY home improvements projects can definitely be highly rewarding, both by saving money and giving you that sense of accomplishment. However, choosing the wrong DIY projects can be devastating and all your efforts and time will be wasted, not to mention you will end up paying up more money to a contractor or handyman St Paul have that work redone correctly. In addition some home improvement projects are dangerous for beginners and are best left to professionals or next level experienced DIYers. In this article we are going to look at next level home improvement projects.

That being said, you should know that you cannot really improve the look of your home with your plain bare hands, you need a well equipped toolbox which has all the essential tools to help you out. Before you get your their hands dirty, you should have the basic set of tools such as a tape measure, a hammer, a level, a saw, a utility knife, X-ACTO knife, screwdrivers, adjustable crescent wrench, among other such tools. For the next level DIY projects, the basic tools may not be enough to tackle some projects, you might need a much bigger arsenal. For the DIY projects which require rather expensive tools which you only need to use once, you should consider renting or borrowing them. Now lets take a look at some next level home improvements projects which you can tackle over the weekend:


1. Sprucing Up Your Kitchen
The kitchen is the place where everyone gathers. It is the focal point of your house. Redoing the entire kitchen can prove to be a daunting task, but sprucing it up will do wonders. Updating some details like the curtains and adding decorations around the windows can change the overall mood and look of the kitchen. Additionally, hiring cleaning service can help add a shine on the countertops. If your kitchen cabinets look a little worn out, you can reinvigorate/refresh them with a new coat of paint.

2. Upgrading Your Front Door
The front door is basically the gateway to a home. It is the 1st thing your visitors see, and most importantly it is the 1st thing you see. As you know, first impressions do matter a lot. The front door can take a major beating in the harsh climate. Putting in a brand new door, or even freshening up the already existing one is a rather easy project for an intermediate DIYer, and it can add great appeal to your home. Adding a fresh coat of paint will greatly enhance the look of your home and even add to the overall value of your home. If you pair this with some new hardware like new hinges, a knocker or knob, you will give your homes exterior a great new character.

3. Building Furniture
This is a classic project. It is simple and rather adaptable. Whether its a bench or a table, you can adapt it to look more modern. If you have been looking for a special something in certain parts of your house, it might be that you actually need to custom make a piece of furniture. You can also add some pullouts, shelves and such other organizing tools, in your kitchen cabinets.

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Intermediate DIY for Homeowners


If you are a homeowner, chances are that you have got a long list of upgrades and renovations you’d like to have done. In many cases, you can actually avoid the costs by undertaking some home improvement projects on your own. However, just because you can do-it-yourself, it does not necessarily mean that you should. Some complicated jobs like electrical work, tile setting and plumbing, are best left to skilled professionals. On the other hand, some jobs like painting, you can most certainly fully handle yourself, even without any experience at all.

When it comes to DIY projects, the tricky part is figuring out which projects you can capably tackle on your own, and which ones need professional expertise. This basically depends on numerous factors, including but not limited to; your level of skill, available time, overall cost, tools required and more. For instance, repairing or installing a roof isnt a good beginner DIY project, such a project is best left to licensed professional contractors. With that being said, you should know that there are some easy beginner DIY projects like decorating which do not actually require great expertise. You can also easily freshen the bedroom with some new bedding, and add some new towels, rug and other accessories to your bathroom. Adding new lamps, changing the lamp shades, and experimenting with various different kinds of light bulbs can also greatly change the look and feel of a room. Changing or adding window treatments, and hanging artwork can also make a huge difference, though you might have to use the hammer and some other tools in order to make this happen. Another beginner project which does not require using tools, but can have a really big impact, is organizing and decluttering your house.

Lets take a loot at some more advanced projects for intermediate DIYers:
1. Repurposing
Repurposing the used items will help you unleash your inner creativity on a low budget. Bottles and glass jars are some leftover items which can be used in numerous different of ways. From the mason jar chandelier, to the outdoor hanging candles, to the soap dispenser, are all things you can repurpose and have a fun time doing it.

2. Hanging New Wallpaper
Changing the overall color scheme of the walls will have a very dramatic effect in your rooms. You can make the room look lighter, edgier, bigger, and more interesting. Hanging new wallpapers can actually make you feel like youre living in an entirely new home.

3. Get Rid of Drafts
You can insulate your home by sealing doors and windows as preparation for the winter period. By getting a proper seal on your doors and windows, and adding insulation in certain key areas like the attic, you will not only help keep the heat in when it is cold outside, but you will also keep your home cool during the hot seasons. You will want to seal the air leaks, both the obvious ones and the less obvious ones like the switches and electrical outlets.

4. Update the High Energy Appliances
You will save a lot of money by upgrading the inefficient appliances that are in your home. Some of the top energy users in a home include, but not limited to; the heating systems, hot water heaters, air conditioning, refrigerators, and dehumidifiers. There are some easy ways of adjusting the energy consumption of these appliances, like installing a new programmable thermostat, and running some of the appliances only at night. If you have the appropriate skills, you can carry out some of these tasks like installing a new light fixture or changing an electrical outlet, however, it is recommended to leave the complex electrical work to the licensed professional contractors.

When carrying out DIY projects, always start out small. When you are just starting out, build your confidence with the small projects, and then grow from there. For instance, you can change the electrical outlet before you start rewiring the room. You can build a raised garden before building a deck. You can also save lots of money on the bigger home projects by doing some partial DIY. You can tackle the parts of the project which are more labor intensive, and the outsource the rest to licensed professional contractors. For instance, with a bathroom remodel, you can hire professional contractors to do the plumbing and the tile work, and you can do the painting, and other small fixtures.

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